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  • clearguard ClearGuard Hurricane Panels
    Extruded Design = Maximum shape retention and the ultimate in polycarbonate strength
  • clearguard ClearGuard
    10 Year Warranty!

    Super tough panels warrantied against yellowing and breakage
  • clearguard ClearGuard Ultra Light Weight
    The Difference is Clear - Completely transparent storm protection
  • clearguard ClearGuard Ultra Light Weight
    Completely transparent �
    Will not shatter,
    rust or corrode
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ClearGuard - The Difference is Clear

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ClearGuard - The Difference Is Clear


What are ClearGuard® Hurricane Panels?

Transparent Protection Systems, Inc.â��s ClearGuard® Hurricane Panels, are made with SUPER TOUGH Polycarbonate resin (a type of plastic) that will not rust, shatter, or corrode.

Our ClearGuard® Hurricane Panels allow natural light to filter in during storm related power outages. With up to 85% natural light transmission, every homeowner should be sure to have a clear panel system that allows light in and visibility out. Unlike unsightly metal panels ClearGuard® Hurricane Panels, are virtually invisible when installed. A truly great feature permanent and seasonal residents (HOA â��s love them) are sure to appreciate!

Lightweight, Safe and Easy to Install

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The lightweight ClearGuard® Hurricane Panels provide a safe and easy system with no sharp edges. The narrow widths promote easier homeowner handling and installation. Easy to installâ�¦Easy to storeâ�¦ making them perfect for compact stacking. Fits perfectly with standard industry Tracks and Hardware.

ClearGuard® Hurricane Panels are made in standard 12â�� widths for total compatibility with metal panels, making it a convenient to upgrade from metal to CLEAR! The dealers / installers that distribute our ClearGuard® Hurricane Panels already know that our ClearGuard® Hurricane Panels have superior strength and shape retention due to our exclusive extruded design.

Consumer Friendly for Easy Do-It-Yourself Projects

Transparent Protection Systems, Inc. is able to customize every order to your exact needs. ClearGuard® Hurricane Panels are available in twenty foot lengths, or any custom size to your specifications!

Meets or Exceeds Building Codes

Transparent Protection Systems, Inc.â��s ClearGuard® Hurricane Panels meet or exceed all Building Codes for Hurricane Protection in the USA, even the latest ASTM test criteria including the High Velocity Hurricane Zone. No Bars or additional supports. ClearGuard® Hurricane Panels approvals - ICC, TDI, FL Bldg Code, Miami-Dade County, and ASTM w/ HVHZ.
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Clear Hurricane Protection that is affordable and comes with a TEN YEAR WARRANTY!

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ClearGuard - The Difference is Clear

How to Purchase ClearGuard® Hurricane Panels

ClearGuard® Hurricane Panels, the ultimate in CLEAR hurricane protection is available through our comprehensive Dealer / Installer network of Transparent Protection Systems, Inc. To obtain more information about our ClearGuard® Hurricane Panels, or how to join our comprehensive network of dealers / installers -

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